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01. About The Digital Africa Store


The continent of Africa is left out from quite a lot of things yet within it are lively, vibrant communities that rival any in the world. These communities possess a vast untapped and significant spending power. Many African creatives resort to creating their own websites to sell their work on but lack of resources become a limiting factor.

The Digital Africa Store is a platform that grants creatives the freedom to focus on their work. Platforms like eBay exist which serve this very purpose but none such exist in Africa or at least none of that magnitude dedicated to serve the whole continent at the very least. The Digital Africa Marketplace seeks to rectify this.

02. The Digital Africa Marketplace

The Digital Africa Marketplace team was specifically selected with focus on the mastery of their respective crafts. A strong team is essential to service a continent-reaching website. Feel free to get in touch and buy them a cup of coffee.


Bukhosi ``Buks`` Mhlanga


Kudzanayi ``Dutch`` Thondhlana

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Benaiah ``Ben`` Mhlanga


Hannelie Nieuwoudt


Who Are We

03. Why We Exist

The Digital Africa Marketplace seeks to connect African digital work creatives with the global market. The majority of these creatives are unable to showcase their work on a global stage and usually contend with local or even regional means. There is a large market across the world of African art, both digital and physical, yet one sometimes will have to travel all the way to Africa to gain access to this art. The Digital Africa Store seeks to bridge that gap and connect buyers with African creatives.

A number of African names managed to get their names recognized globally and few realize those are just a tip of the African talent iceberg. Through The Digital Africa Store platform, any creative of African descent can create a free account and upload their work for sale at a fair price without worrying about footing the marketing bill. Anyone from anywhere in the world can purchase this digital work and immediately download after completing payment. All you need is access to a Visa/Mastercard or PayPal.

Start selling your own digital products today. What can you sell?



Website Themes.

From WordPress to HTML themes, The Digital Africa Marketplace will assist you sell your premium website templates.


Music & Audio.

We are the prime market for thousands of songs and sound effects created by a community of music professionals from Africa


Design Assets.

From logo templates to fonts,  brochure templates to print materials we are  the go-to place for graphics and design assets.


Stock Photos.

The Digital Africa Store is home to a varied collection of royalty-free stock photography ready to use for any kind of project